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Kindness wins. this world needs greater kindness.

We love partnering with life-changing organisations that pour out kindness and love in this world. it’s a blessing and our honour to partner with and impact the global mission of organisations that make the world a better place for everyone. Sure, many digital agencies fundraise; but no one fundraises like us. here’s how we’re different:

We are great listeners and know what attracts people to missions. we help organisations to be better influencers of people so more people become passionate about your mission.
We are creative storytellers and help organisations to communicate their ‘why’ in ways that help engage people with your mission…and empowers them to respond with kindness.
We’ve been there. we’ve [actually] gone and helped people on the frontline. we are bold askers because we ask on their behalf. we know that lives are changed through people’s kindness, and we are not scared to hear ‘no’.
We help organisations define ‘what’ to ask for, ‘who’ to ask from, and ‘when’ to ask. we believe that whilst defining these parameters is important, they are not everything. fundraising works best when it moves to grow and excite the passion of people, so you might need to ask right now. know when to ask?